Plasma Cutting Machine HITRONIC CUT40A

March 8, 2016

Hitronic generation of plasma cutting systems CUT40A INVERTER shaped compact. Portable Energy saving Cutting services Easily cut a piece of smooth. Ideal for cutting steel, stainless steel surfaces that have come out pretty smooth, no leavened Fire lot like using an old machine. The pieces do not need to waste time decorating. The system is designed to be used without changing heads often CUT40 suit workpiece size 1-10 mm.

The unit comes with a plasma cutting tools.

1. Air Plasma Cutting Machine Model CUT40A 1.

2. PT-31 plasma cutting five meters long, one line.

3. Ground + 3 meters long grapples first line.

4. Long Tip PT-31 5 a.

5. Long Eletrode PT-31 5 a.

6. Shield Cup? PT-31 1 itself.

7. Swit Buffle PT-31 1 itself.

8. wind gauge couplings + 1 set.

9. Wind + 1 band clamp kit.